Advantages of incompetent management

What constitutes managerial competence? As a vague starting point for an answer, we could say that competent management sets achievable objectives and then achieves them, by organizing and incentivizing the necessary work.

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Hasnain says:

Kept nodding while reading this.

“Healthy laziness begets agility - you have way less code, less systems, less everything, and therefore way more ability to maneuver and actually change things with a small number of motivated people - and there’s always a small number of motivated people in any place, and this place might even keep them, if they learn to bargain for raises. And you also don’t need to grow as much, because you don’t need to be adding people to take care of all these sprawling systems that you quickly come to depend on.”

Posted on 2024-07-07T07:22:00+0000