Hasnain says:

“If you’re reading this and shrugging it off with “so what, 4ms is an eternity for computers” then yes, you’re right, 4ms is an eternity for computers, yes, I agree, but based on that reaction I bet that you didn’t grew up like I did as a programmer. See, I grew up building websites, web applications, backends, that kind of stuff and in that world basically nothing takes 4ms. If it takes me 10ms to ping the closest data center in Frankfurt, how can I deliver something to you over the wire in less than that?

So there I was, staring at the 4ms and wondering: is this what the Rust enthusiasts mean when they say zero-cost abstractions? Yes, we’ve all heard that claim before (and yes: maybe too many times) and I’ve also written Rust for years now, so the idea that Rust is fast wasn’t new to me.

But seeing high-level code like this find 2351 occurrences of

I don’t know, man. I think it might have changed me.”

Posted on 2024-02-18T03:43:09+0000