In First Vote On Gaza War, Senate Shields Israel From Human Rights Scrutiny

Though his bill failed, Bernie Sanders put senators on the record on the U.S.-backed military campaign in Gaza. Israeli envoy Michael Herzog visited the Senate before the vote.

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Hasnain says:

The senate refused to do the bare minimum here. Like the resolution basically called for enforcement of the Leahy act - not cutting off aid (yet); just investigating claims of war crimes.

“Although it had been expected to fail due to bipartisan opposition, supporters of the measure hoped it would spur debate about billions of dollars in unconditional assistance for Israel as Palestinians continue to face daily bombings and the threat of famine. Sanders said that the legislation did not remove “a nickel” of the billions of dollars’ worth of military aid the U.S. sends Israel, calling it a “modest, commonsense proposal” that would simply open an inquiry into potential human rights abuses.”

Posted on 2024-01-17T02:39:50+0000