True Tales of Survival: The $500 million dollar typo

It's amazing how a series of small but unfortunate events can quickly add up to one very expensive problem. Like the time one person fat-fingered the wrong year on a mainframe JCL job, Ronald Reagan died, and the US postal service lost $500 million.

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Hasnain says:

“First problem: the USPS didn’t have an extra 500 million dollars hanging out in their bank account. So they have just made the mother of all overdrafts.

The executive in charge of accounting, though, comes into the office on Saturday morning for some reason. He sees this printout — he knows what this report is — starts flipping through it, and about pees his pants. He calls my boss screaming that we need to stop payroll NOW”

Posted on 2024-01-15T05:32:15+0000