How This Climate Activist Justifies Political Violence

“The reason that people contemplate escalation is that there are no risk-free options left,” says the author of "How to Blow Up a Pipeline."

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Hasnain says:

“In “Overshoot,” you write this about the very wealthy: “There is no escaping the conclusion that the worst mass killers in this rapidly warming world are the billionaires, merely by dint of their lifestyles.” That doesn’t feel like a bathetic overstatement when we live in a world of terrorist violence and Putin turning Ukraine into a charnel house? Why is that a useful way of framing the problem?

Precisely for the reason I tried to outline previously, which is that spewing CO2 into the atmosphere at an excessive scale — and when it comes to luxury emissions, it is completely excessive — is an act that leads to the death of people.”

Posted on 2024-01-14T21:51:00+0000