It's okay to Make Something Nobody Wants

Products seem to be made for users, but I think this might be an illusion; they are more like a medium for self-expression. Different expressions, conceived by various minds, undergo a form of natural selection, with the surviving expression being the one that resonates most with users. I mean, the....

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Hasnain says:

“Later, when talking with my girlfriend about this, I suddenly understood Steve Jobs, and others like him, much more deeply.

People often complained about Jobs: when his team showed him their work, he would say “It doesn’t feel right,” and when they asked how to fix it, he said “I don’t know, make it better and show me again, and then I’ll know.”

This confused a lot of people. He found problems but didn’t know how to fix them or why they were problems.

Now, I totally get where Jobs was coming from.”

Posted on 2023-09-23T22:04:23+0000