Hasnain says:

At some point I need to sit down and write a database. This was an exciting read.

“As the DuckDB team points out, vectorized interpretation or JIT compilation seem like the future for database expression execution. These strategies seem particularly important for analytics or time-series workloads. But vectorized interpretation seems to make the most sense for column-wise storage engines. And column-wise storage normally only makes sense for analytics workloads. Still, TiDB and Cockroach are transactional databases that also vectorize execution.

And while SQLite and PostgreSQL use the virtual machine model, it's possible databases with tree-walking interpreters like Scylla and MySQL/MariaDB have decided there is not significant enough gains to be had (for transactional workloads) to justify the complexity of moving to a compiler + virtual machine architecture.”

Posted on 2023-09-22T06:57:47+0000