Tennessee GOP expels 2 Black Democratic lawmakers for anti-gun violence protests. A white legislator survived her vote.

Republicans voted on whether to remove the Democratic legislators for participating in an unauthorized gun safety protest on the House floor last week.

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Hasnain says:

This is so openly fascist and racist I don’t know where to begin. TN lawmakers peacefully protested inaction on gun violence and got expelled for lack of decorum (calling it an insurrection worse than Jan 6). They expelled the two black men and let the white woman stay. The speeches (will link in the comments) are a must watch - he calls out how they didn’t bother expelling a child molester or someone who peed on another member’s seat. But, if you protest peacefully while Black… (insert Peter griffin meme)

“More than 250 Democratic state legislators across the U.S. signed on to a letter organized by the State Innovation Exchange, a progressive legislation advocacy group, that accused Tennessee Republicans of racist motives.

“The attempts to expel Reps. Jones, Johnson, and Pearson show a dark truth in the light of day: there’s a robust and racist connection between fighting against gun safety and dismantling our democracy,” the letter says.”

Posted on 2023-04-07T04:05:38+0000