A 9-year-old girl didn't want her goat slaughtered. California fair officials sent deputies after it

Jessica Long's 9-year-old didn't want her goat, Cedar, to be slaughtered at the county fair. Officials sent deputies with a search warrant to get it back.

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Hasnain says:

This whole story has been so messed up. I feel for the kid who had to suffer due to all the unreasonable adults here. The parents offered to reimburse everyone for the costs but the fair organizers were unreasonable. Also, I'm impressed the cops went 500 miles to retrieve a goat (likely out of their jurisdiction?) - don't they have anything better to do? Given the quote below, I do hope this does turn out to, uh, be a more negative experience for the fair than they hoped.

"“Making an exception for you will only teach [our] youth that they do not have to abide by the rules,” Silva wrote back to Long in an email reviewed by The Times dated June 28, 2022. “Also, in this era of social media this has been a negative experience for the fairgrounds as this has been all over Facebook and Instagram.”"

Posted on 2023-04-01T20:54:35+0000