Effective Altruism Has a Hostile Culture for Women, Critics Say

Seven women connected to effective altruism tell TIME they experienced harassment and worse within the community

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Hasnain says:

This is horrifying. A lot of the stuff I learn about the EA/rationalist communities continues to worry me/give me weird vibes.

"One recalled being “groomed” by a powerful man nearly twice her age who argued that “pedophilic relationships” were both perfectly natural and highly educational. Another told TIME a much older EA recruited her to join his polyamorous relationship while she was still in college. A third described an unsettling experience with an influential figure in EA whose role included picking out promising students and funneling them towards highly coveted jobs. After that leader arranged for her to be flown to the U.K. for a job interview, she recalls being surprised to discover that she was expected to stay in his home, not a hotel. When she arrived, she says, “he told me he needed to masturbate before seeing me.”"

Posted on 2023-02-04T19:48:56+0000