Renato Athaydes

Unison is a pure functional programming language that comes with a few revolutionary ideas. Seriously, it makes everything we’re used to, like long builds, dependency version conflicts, tests that run every single build even when nothing checked by them has changed, manual encoding and serializati...

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Hasnain says:

This was pretty eye opening! Not something I’ll use soon; but worth thinking about the ideas expressed here.

“Unison is an amazing new programming language that I am sure will not only start being used, very soon, in the niches that can mostly benefit from its purely functional nature and distributed computing friendliness, but it is also set to fundamentally influence what is expected of software development UX in the years to come.

It solves problems that most of us didn’t even know were problems that could be solved. And it’s just a very nice language all around. I found it quite a lot easier to grasp than Haskell, for example, while still feeling that it gives me more than enough power to write clean, reliable code without subjecting me to some hassle that most other languages would (long, complex builds, unreliable tests, dependency version conflicts…).”

Posted on 2023-01-11T05:53:29+0000