Hit Corporate America Where It Hertz

The rental car agency is getting away with subjecting its customers to false arrests and imprisonment. How bad do things have to get before there are real consequences for bad behavior?

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Hasnain says:

I’m still infuriated at the lack of consequences for Hertz here.

“As CBS News reported a year ago, dozens of customers were wrongly subjected to terrifying encounters with police. But some customers were subjected to even worse. According to the Times, one woman who was arrested, despite having paid her rental extension, was jailed for 37 days—during which time she was “separated from her fiancé and two children, missed her nursing school graduation and discovered she was pregnant.” Another renter, after learning there “was a warrant for his arrest on charges that he stole a Hertz car, had actually paid for and returned the vehicle.” But after he missed a hearing date, he was “arrested again, and jailed for six and a half months.””

Posted on 2022-12-11T15:15:53+0000