Tesla says its self-driving technology may be a 'failure' — but not fraud

In a class-action lawsuit, customers say they were duped by Tesla's $15,000 Full Self-Driving feature. Company lawyers say failure isn't fraud.

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Hasnain says:

“The main plaintiff is Briggs Matsko, a resident of Rancho Murieta, Calif. If the case goes forward, it could lead to deposition of Tesla employees who helped develop the technology and reveal what Musk knew and didn’t know about its true capabilities when he made numerous forecasts over the years — including the prediction that there would be a million Tesla robotaxis on the road by the end of 2020, that customers could make $30,000 a year hiring them out, and that their cars would appreciate in value.

Tesla lawyers are attempting to prevent that information from going public. The motion to dismiss the case rests mainly on Tesla’s contention that the papers customers signed when they bought their cars obligate them to individually file claims through the private arbitration system.”

Posted on 2022-12-10T21:02:16+0000