Please Restore Our Registers When You’re Done With Them

“Hey, you. Yes you, that function over there. When you’re cleaning up please remember to restore all of my registers. Yes, that one too – what do you think this is, Linux?”That’s the problem I was …

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Hasnain says:

Assembly is so hard to get right. More so in a cross-platform manner.

"I decided to write this up because I thought that the journey was interesting, but also because the journey is not over. There could be other registers that are not being properly saved and restored in Chromium. There could be other projects that are making this mistake, perhaps not aware of the differences between the Linux and Windows ABI. Any software rules that are not tested and enforced are inevitably broken and I am not aware of any consistent testing to detect ABI violations. More bugs of this type seem inevitable."

Posted on 2022-11-29T06:01:04+0000