Sapling: Source control that’s user-friendly and scalable

Meta has open sourced Sapling, a new, Git-compatible source control client that scales to the largest repositories in the world.

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Hasnain says:

I am so so excited by this that words are failing me (yes, this is not a common statement).

Using git for side projects has honestly sucked after the great experiences I've had with sapling and I'm glad to see I can use it again. Can't wait to set it up now for my private repos; and ... my mind is blown that there's an accompanying review UI too that's optimized for stacks.

stacked diffs, `hg ssl`, `hg commit`, `hg absorb`, and `hg histedit`, how I missed thee.

"I hope you find Sapling as pleasant to use as we do, and that Sapling might start a conversation about the current state of source control and how we can all hold the bar higher for the source control of tomorrow.See the Getting Started page to try Sapling today."

Posted on 2022-11-15T21:46:36+0000