The Craigslist Killers

With an enticing Craigslist ad for part-time work, a ruthless killer named Rich Beasely and his teenage accomplice Brogan Rafferty lured broken men living on the margins of society to their unsuspecting deaths. Devin Friedman confronts the masterminds behind the murders

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Hasnain says:

TIL about these murders. A really well written investigation that goes into what happened before, during, and after; with the human interest stories of those involved in these horrible murders.

“Brogan will later say that he senses about Rich this morning a new kind of desperation. A more profound and disturbing desperation, if it’s possible to vibe more profoundly disturbing than this whole thing has been from the start. In less than a month, Brogan will deliver a series of lengthy confessions to the FBI about the elaborately planned but almost logic-defying crimes he and Rich committed together. If you listen to the confessions carefully, they begin to sound different when Brogan starts describing this morning’s events with Tim Kern. Throughout most of the hours of his statements, Brogan maintains a tone of almost stolid impassivity, sounding like someone who’d merely watched a series of killings on a strange unmarked videotape he received in the mail—what happened was awful, certainly, but concerned events that had nothing to do with him. But when he talks about Tim, it’s like things won’t stay psychologically tamped down. It’s as if whatever mental box he’d built to house these events so they would be out of sight, on this day that box comes unsealed and everything hidden there spills out.”

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