Hasnain says:

I found some of the twitter follow ups interesting: people
who actually had this happen to them didn’t have nightmares about it - presumably cause they saw it wasn’t that big a deal after all.

“Deirdre Barrett, a dream researcher at Harvard University and the author of Pandemic Dreams and The Committee of Sleep, confirmed my suspicion. She rattled off a few common school-dream variations: The dreamer has to rush to an exam after having overslept, or they can’t find their classroom, or they prepared for an exam by studying the wrong subject, or they sit down for an exam and the text is in hieroglyphics, or they show up to school nude. “It’s a really common theme,” she told me. “And it’s common not only for people who are still in school … It’s a very common theme for people who are far into adulthood, who have been out of school forever.””

Posted on 2022-10-03T15:48:53+0000