The Most Famous Blunder Of Content Moderation: Do NOT Quote The Princess Bride

We’ve written stories about people having difficulty recognizing people joking around quoting movies. Sometimes it ends up ridiculously, like the guy who was arrested for quoting Fight Club a…

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Hasnain says:

“But, in context, it’s quite clear that this is a joke, a quote from a funny movie.

The issue is that so much of content moderation involves context. This is something that critics of content moderation (both those who want more and those who want less) never seem to fully grasp. How does a content moderator (whether AI or human) have enough context to handle all sorts of issues like this? Do you need to train your AI on classic movies? Do you need to make sure that everyone you hire has seen every popular movie and knows them by heart and can recognize when someone is quoting them?

How do you deal with a situation where someone tries to hide behind the quote — but is actually threatening someone? (Not what Kel did here, but just noting, you can’t just say “okay, leave this line if it’s quoting a movie”).

The point is that it’s ridiculously complicated.”

Posted on 2022-09-24T00:21:24+0000