The story of the praying Bremerton coach keeps getting more surreal

The school district says it’s trying to rehire the former coach — after being ordered to do so — but he’s on the political circuit and hasn’t called them back, writes Danny Westneat.

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Hasnain says:

With justice Roberts complaining about people thinking the court is now illegitimate, I wonder if he’ll take a look at this (I doubt he will).

““He was not terminated,” Bevers said. The head coach at the time had moved on, as did most of the coaching staff.

This did not stop Kennedy’s lawyers from telling the Supreme Court repeatedly that he was fired.

“The record is clear that Coach Kennedy was fired for that midfield prayer,” lawyer Paul Clement told the nine justices in the first 15 seconds of the oral arguments of the case in April. The words “fired,” “fire” or “firing” were used 16 times in the hour and a half session.

It wasn’t true though. The district’s lawyers tried to correct the record, to no avail.”

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