U.S. life expectancy drops sharply, the second consecutive decline

Americans born in 2021 can expect to live for just 76.1 years — the lowest life expectancy has been since 1996, according to a new analysis. It's the biggest two-year decline in almost 100 years.

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Hasnain says:

This estimate is staggering.

““It’s a ridiculous decline,” Anderson said. “When I saw a 6.6 year decline over two years, my jaw dropped. … I made my staff re-run the numbers to make sure.”

Life expectancy isn’t really a prediction for a single individual. It’s more like a check engine light — an indicator for the health of society as a whole. When more people die than would be expected, or when they die at younger ages than expected, then life expectancy will decline.”

Posted on 2022-08-31T21:27:50+0000