The wannabe food influencer who's wanted by the FBI

When a man calling himself Gavin Ambani tried to make his mark on the London food scene, the story of a fraud hunt stretching from Hollywood to Indonesia followed in his wake

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Hasnain says:

This was an interesting look into the London food scene and a great human interest story about how one specific criminal acted.

“The word in London’s restaurant community is that there are plans to make a drama or documentary series out of the Hollywood Con Queen story. Perhaps the final irony is that it’s said that it will be screened on Netflix, the streaming service for which Tahilramani claimed to work. Extraditions are never foregone conclusions but what does seem certain is that he has at last found the fame – or at least infamy – that appears always to have been his dream.”

Posted on 2022-06-19T04:10:23+0000