Onlookers urged police to charge into Texas school

UVALDE, Texas (AP) — Frustrated onlookers urged police officers to charge into the Texas elementary school where a gunman's rampage killed 19 children and two teachers, witnesses said Wednesday, as investigators worked to track the massacre that lasted upwards of 40 minutes and ended when the 18-y...

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Hasnain says:

The more that comes out about the police response the more horrified I am. First the refusal to go in and now it’s appearing that the police were the ones that successfully barricaded the shooter into one classroom. With kids in it. All the kids that died were in one classroom.

And other reporting says they later only went in to save their own kids.

““Go in there! Go in there!” nearby women shouted at the officers soon after the attack began, said Juan Carranza, 24, who saw the scene from outside his house, across the street from Robb Elementary School in the close-knit town of Uvalde. Carranza said the officers did not go in.”

Posted on 2022-05-26T03:31:53+0000