Republicans Must Answer for ‘Great Replacement Theory’ Violence

If Biden and Democrats still have to answer for “defund the police” and CRT—the GOP should answer for the racist, violent theory they’ve pushed.

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Hasnain says:

My 2cents as a brown man: if I always have to “answer for my race” or “please tell me why Muslims hate us all”; why do republicans never have to answer for their ilk?

“Journalists and reporters must repeatedly hound Republican officials with follow up questions about this national security threat. Recall that Democrats and President Joe Biden still are asked about “defunding the police,” even though it is not a mainstream DNC position, or about critical race theory (CRT) panic even after it was revealed to be a bad-faith trojan horse created by right-wing activists to incite racial panic and anxiety.”

Posted on 2022-05-16T07:11:11+0000