A Rust web server / frontend setup like it's 2022 (with axum and yew) - Robert Krahn

Walkthrough of setting up a full web project that includes the setup for a web server (using axum) and a frontend (using wasm / yew).

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Hasnain says:

Bookmarking for future reuse in case I port some of my existing projects over.

“In this walkthrough I will describe my current default project setup for web projects that use Rust for frontend and backend. It is suitable for typical single-page web apps that use WASM/JS for rendering and routing. I have used it for dashboards, browser games and such but it should be suitable for any web app that wants to use a Rust server and frontend. I am choosing axum for the server part and yew for the frontend but it should work similarly with other choices.”

Posted on 2022-04-08T06:52:18+0000