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Rust's Unsafe Pointer Types Need An Overhaul Aria Beingessner March 19th, 2022 1 Background 1.1 Aliasing 1.2 Alias Analysis and Pointer Provenance 1.3 CHERI 2 Problems 2.1 Integer-To-Pointer Casts Are The Devil 2.2 References Make Really Strong Assertions 2.3 Offsets And Places Are A Mess 3 Solution...

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Hasnain says:

Great read on memory models and pointers. While this is Rust focused a lot of the content generalizes. Also I learnt a bit more about CHERI which I’ve always found super cool.

“I cannot emphasize enough how shorthanded all of this is, the devil is extremely in the details and formally specifying these things in this subject of untold numbers of PhD theses. I am not trying to write a PhD thesis right now. Unless you literally work on a C/C++ Standard Committee or are named Ralf Jung I will not be accepting your Umm Actually’s on these definitions and terms.”

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