Rotten managers are to blame for the surging wave of job burnout — and the fix has to come from them, not overworked employees

The burnout solution isn't for workers to take more vacation. Companies have to change their culture to give employees more reasonable workloads.

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Hasnain says:

I’m glad I see more and more awareness of the fact that burnout is systemic.

“Burnout is rarely framed in this way because fixing these problems takes systemic work, and one-off solutions aren't going to cut it. To actually defeat burnout, you have to understand the work process, and you have to be willing to make hard calls about personnel who may be making frontline employees miserable. Managers you think are on top of things may actually be micromanagers who nag people about work they don't understand. Managers you think are funny may actually make others feel uncomfortable or upset in the workplace. Managers you think are hard workers may actually be presenting other people's work as their own, draining their colleagues of enthusiasm and initiative. “

Posted on 2022-03-14T07:09:00+0000