'Cuomo-W. Trump-L.': How CNN's Jeff Zucker and His Cronies Manipulated the News

Texts, email exchanges, and 36 sources tell the true story behind the downfall of TV’s ultimate operator

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Hasnain says:

Hard hitting journalism right here. An inside look into some of the most influential and unethical people in journalism in recent history.

“In his wake, Zucker leaves a media landscape more fractured than ever, with public distrust of journalists at an all-time high. And why not, when a peek behind the curtain reveals secret dealings between his news outlets and the politicians they’re supposed to hold to account, coverage dictated not by the issues but by whatever sensational dreck would keep eyes glued to the screen, and newsrooms where alleged predators roamed freely? Zucker may not have invented the culture of powerful men exploiting the women around them, but he incubated it for the modern media age, empowering people who were supposed to hold the public’s trust — but couldn’t even be trusted to keep their hands off of their subordinates. Perhaps most damning, he leaves a political landscape warped by a man he was all too proud to use for ratings throughout his career.”

Posted on 2022-03-13T08:04:11+0000