Cryptographers Achieve Perfect Secrecy With Imperfect Devices | Quanta Magazine

For the first time, experiments demonstrate the possibility of sharing secrets with perfect privacy — even when the devices used to share them cannot be trusted.

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Hasnain says:

“Long before we reach that point, the experiments will have already signified a substantial shift in the practicality of nonlocal games. These were invented to investigate the exotic phenomenon of nonlocality — the way objects can be instantaneously correlated across arbitrary distances. Now, nonlocal games provide the foundation for a much more practical process, the generation of a shared secret key.

“I sometimes say tongue-in-cheek even God couldn’t know it. The universe hadn’t decided what the value would be before it was measured,” said Colbeck. “That’s the origin of the security.””

Posted on 2022-02-26T07:23:00+0000