Lyra Health Provides Therapy To Google And Facebook Employees, But Former Therapists Warn Of Ethical Conflicts

“This isn’t an assembly line. This is actually people,” said one former therapist.

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Hasnain says:

“To collect data on the progress of treatment, Lyra periodically sends patients “outcomes surveys.” The questionnaires inquire, for example, about things like anxiety or irritability over the last two weeks, asking patients to rank their intensity from 0 to 3, according to surveys viewed by BuzzFeed News. The surveys, which use clinically accepted and standardized questions, are optional. But patients may feel compelled to complete them because the automated emails look like they are coming from their therapist.

Clinicians can use the data to help shape their treatment, but there’s another reason Lyra pushes the surveys: The company shares aggregated and anonymized data about patient outcomes with employers to illustrate the effectiveness of its services.”

Posted on 2022-02-11T06:56:57+0000