Some mistakes Rust doesn't catch

I still get excited about programming languages. But these days, it's not so much because of what they let me do, but rather what they don't let me do. Ultimately, what you ca...

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Hasnain says:

Great read as always from Amos. I liked how this went into PL design and how sometimes a more restrictive language is better *because* of the things it makes explicit.

“If you check the comments section of whatever website you found this article on, you will surely notice comments from folks who haven't read all the way to the end (despite the title of the article being a giveaway).

We've seen many situations where Rust helps avoid common problems. We've also seen situations where Rust's design makes it somewhat harder to do something we want to do.

That's a natural consequence of the set of legal programs being smaller! A lot of useful programs are excluded! So sometimes, we need to find alternative formulations, for equivalent programs that are accepted by the Rust compiler.”

Posted on 2022-02-08T07:14:15+0000