Hasnain says:

Great read that mixes a human interest story (a conservative trump voting republican changing their views after taking this class) with educational material from a class. I definitely learnt stuff from this and now I have some readings to look up!

“The goal of the class is not to change minds, but to introduce students to critical race theory and how to apply it to the law, current events and issues in popular discourse, Murphree said. To that end, the class has talked about racism and how to define it, the idea of color-blindness, and the difference between equity and equality. They also learned about “interest convergence,” a core tenet of critical race theory that argues communities of color only achieve progress when white communities also benefit. Interest convergence, Jones said, helped her better understand why the Mississippi Legislature voted to change the state flag in 2020 — because “they were about to lose a lot of money with the NCAA.””

Posted on 2022-02-03T16:14:29+0000