Scaling productivity on microservices at Lyft (Part 1)

Late in 2018, Lyft engineering completed decomposing our original PHP monolith into a collection of Python and Go microservices. A few…

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Hasnain says:

I just read this three part series from Lyft on how they ensure developers can stay productive developing in an environment containing 100s of microservices. Pretty interesting read, and I can't wait for the fourth (and supposedly final) part. Learnt a lot from this one.

"After beginning to migrate our development environments to Kubernetes about a year ago, a change in engineering resourcing was the catalyst for us to zoom out and re-examine our larger direction. Maintaining the infrastructure to support these on-demand environments had simply become too expensive and would only worsen with time. Solving for our situation would require a more fundamental change to the way we develop and test microservices. It was time to replace Devbox, Onebox, and integration tests on CI with alternatives that were sustainable for a system composed of hundreds of microservices."

Posted on 2022-01-06T04:05:50+0000