Hasnain says:

I've been following Cindy's excellent takes on twitter for quite a while, and this long-form blogpost is equally great. Read it to understand more about how to be an effective engineer at the more senior levels (across lots of companies). So much good stuff it was hard to pick just one thing to quote.

"Managers need to deal with these skills as a part of their job description. So do ICs at the very senior levels, but it’s never too early to start cultivating this knowledge. In fact, a core part of mentoring engineers needs to be schooling them in how the organization works, which will then enable them to build a successful track record of getting things done.

Shielding non-senior engineers from organizational politics not just stymies their growth but also hinders their visibility into the skills they’d eventually need to learn the hard way, skills for which there exists no easy playbook, even if some managers and senior ICs might take a more short-sighted view and see this as a way to help other engineers “maintain focus”."

Posted on 2022-01-06T03:27:36+0000