Fired for being female

Irene Cybulsky was a superstar surgeon, and head of cardiac surgery at her hospital, but her all-male staff resented her. When she was replaced by a man, she found a novel way to get justice

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Hasnain says:

This is an amazing human interest story about a woman who persevered in the face of so much adversity. She was so accomplished as a surgeon and then as the first female department head, and then went on to be a lawyer who successfully fought the discrimination case against the department.

“In March of 2021, the tribunal found that Cybulsky’s rights were breached three times: when Flageole and McLean ignored her comments about gender, when the HR specialist did the same, and when Stacey opened her job up to new applicants.

“It is an act of discrimination to fail to take seriously the applicant’s allegations about the relationship between gender and perceptions about her leadership,” the adjudicator, Laurie Letheren, the vice-chair of the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, wrote. “Her dignity and self-worth were undermined, and those consequences are directly connected to the fact that the applicant is a woman.””

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