Disclosing Shamir’s Secret Sharing vulnerabilities and announcing ZKDocs

By Filipe Casal and Jim Miller Trail of Bits is publicly disclosing two bugs that affect Shamir’s Secret Sharing implementation of Binance’s threshold signature scheme library (tss-lib) and most of…

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Hasnain says:

Yikes. And great read. I’m glad they went above and beyond to add more documentation here.

“We are disclosing two bugs that affect Feldman’s verifiable secret sharing within different threshold signature scheme implementations. These bugs are not a result of some novel analysis that could not have been foreseen; on the contrary, these bugs stem from one of the few known weaknesses of secret sharing. We highlight them today not only due to the number of affected vendors but also because they are representative of a whole host of critical bugs that stem from the same recurring problem in non-standard cryptography: a lack of documentation and guidance.”

Posted on 2021-12-22T06:23:12+0000