Uber Survived the Spying Scandal. Their Careers Didn’t.

A former co-worker accused the men of wiretapping their colleagues, hacking foreign governments and stealing trade secrets. It wasn’t true, but the allegations still follow them.

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Hasnain says:

This is an interesting quote at the end for sure. Also an interesting read overall, covering some aspects of the security business I’m not super familiar with. And on what appears to be one of the (rare) legitimate defamation suits I’ve seen in the US.

“The appetite for intelligence gathering in the hypercompetitive tech world continues, though. Mr. Gicinto, the former C.I.A. officer, has a warning for any of his former colleagues considering a move to this part of the private sector, where the motivations behind a given mission are not always as clear as he found them in his past work life.

“In the government, when you’re given a mission or you’re given a task, you go and you execute on the mission,” Mr. Gicinto said. “Your experience tells you to go execute because your boss or the leadership have given you this tasking, and you worry about how to do it — not whether or not you should do it, because you’ve never had to worry about that before.””

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