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“If a federal judge ever began a court order (94 pages long!!!) about me this way, I might just walk into the ocean. I'd beg you to yeet me into the sun's fiery maw as a mercy. But it's not about me, so instead, you can join me as I schadenfreude my way through this order. 🧵

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Hasnain says:

I just spent half an hour reading a Twitter thread about a really weird legal case. I’d prefer sharing an article instead of tweets with screenshots but here you go. This one was both hilarious and enlightening at the same time.

“An Alabama steel mill and its Littler Mendelson PC defense team committed "calculated sabotage" on a wage-and-hour suit with repeated lies and an attempt to push blame for their own discovery stonewalling onto a third party, a federal judge has ruled.”

Posted on 2021-11-23T07:47:01+0000