The end of “click to subscribe, call to cancel”? One of the news industry’s favorite retention tactics is illegal, FTC says

Most U.S. news organizations won't let readers cancel online. The Federal Trade Commission wants that to change.

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Hasnain says:

I’m glad the FTC is finally doing things to improve our lives.

“But it’s not just hedge fund-owned publishers that have adopted the subscription practices that have caught the government’s attention. Again, most U.S. news organizations don’t give readers an easy way to cancel online. When I checked — more than a week after the FTC announced it planned to crack down on companies who don’t make it easy to cancel — The New York Times still requires you to talk to someone if you want to unsubscribe, either by starting a live chat or by picking up the phone.”

Posted on 2021-11-17T03:54:35+0000