Hasnain says:

This was a really well written and engaging human interest story about someone who grew up in Cambodia in the age of Pol Pot. It’s hard to describe but worth reading. It manages to evoke all the emotions: from love to heartbreak to pity to hope.

“Recipe: Little-Girl Heaven


one older brother

a moto

a carefree girl, small enough to stand on the front

a beautiful city

night wind

Combine one spoiled little girl, a shiny Vespa, and a worshipped older brother. Weave through the bustling streets of pre-war Phnom Penh at night. Grin like mad into the onrushing wind and drink the night air through your teeth. Savor this feeling, as all the ingredients will soon be extinguished, save the night wind.”

Posted on 2021-11-11T05:08:45+0000