Starbucks Union Vote Sets Up a Watershed Moment for U.S. Labor

U.S. workers have authorized strikes in a wide swath of industries and quit jobs in record numbers but could soon pull off an even more audacious coup: Winning a unionization vote at one of the country’s signature non-union firms, Starbucks.

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Hasnain says:

It really seems out of whack to me just how strongly Starbucks is fighting against 100 employees in 3 stores unionizing. Are they that worried of this spreading?

So far they’ve sent their founder and their North American president (separately) to speak to these employees, held many anti union presentations, doubled staff at these stores by bringing in other workers (one source says that bit is illegal) and asked to delay the vote.

“But Workers United’s NLRB election effort remains a gamble. While U.S. law promises employees the right to collectively bargain if a majority of their co-workers cast ballots in the affirmative, the law also gives companies wide latitude to campaign aggressively against unionization. Companies generally face only minimal penalties for engaging in illegal efforts to stymie the union or obstruct negotiations once a union is victorious.”

Posted on 2021-11-09T07:15:53+0000