Hasnain says:

Great read on a world of software I knew basically nothing about.

“I once described Minerva's "vouch" system, briefly, to another programmer who had never seen it. I explained that when you had a code change, you just had to convince any one of the code owners for the file in question to sign it off. If the change was very urgent, they might sign off your change sight unseen, based on your reputation alone. As soon as they clicked that "vouch" button - bang - your new change was in prod: after all, there is no such thing as a deployment step when your code is stored in a database. Disbelieving me, he asked who in the world would trust such a bank. The answer is a lot of people. They are a very big bank. You have certainly heard of them.”

Posted on 2021-11-06T07:15:25+0000