Failing to call out 'critical race theory' as a racist dog whistle? Let me rewrite that for you! | Press Watch

Political journalists shouldn't be such suckers for Republican scare stories. "Critical race theory" is, of course, the latest.

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Hasnain says:

Interesting well sourced read on the recent CRT panic. Lots of (valid) critiques of the modern newsroom here.

“Largely if not entirely missing from the coverage of “critical race theory” as a political issue is reporting on what children are actually being taught in school. Do the facts support the contention that children are being indoctrinated into thinking white people should feel guilty all the time? Or is this description, from Elie Mystal of the Nation, more accurate?

An essential project of that education system is to absolve present-day white people of any need to reckon with the horrors that made their world possible—and still make their world possible—by assuring them that whatever sins this country committed were redeemed or corrected by the efforts of previous Americans. As often as not, those sins and horrors are covered up to protect young white minds from ever knowing the truth about our country. This project is designed to leave white Americans feeling that they have nothing to atone for, so they can blithely continue doing the work of white supremacy and reaping the rewards of white privilege with a clear conscience. All historical tragedies, the ones that are mentioned at least, are framed through the eyes of some American (usually white) who fought against evil forces. Children are supposed to believe, as most kids are inclined to do anyway, that the forces of good eventually triumphed.”

Posted on 2021-11-04T16:44:59+0000