42 things I learned from building a production database.

In 2017, I went to Facebook on a sabbatical from my faculty position at Yale. I created a team to build a storage system called Delos at the bottom of the Facebook stack (think of it as Facebook’s version of Chubby). We hit production with a 3-person team in less than a year; and subsequently scal...

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Hasnain says:

This was some really great advice that’s worth internalizing for folks working in infra and/or leading large projects.

“[32] Keep track of every other major project in your space within the company: you should be able to explain their technical design better than their own ICs. Grab any opportunities to debate scope with the leads of other similar projects: you should be able to articulate how your project fits into the larger ecosystem of options. Inter-team competition is healthy and necessary. Make friends with ICs in these projects: they understand your technical challenges better than anyone else in the company.”

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