A college degree is now ‘a matter of life and death,’ says this Nobel Prize winner

During the COVID pandemic, suicides have declined but drug overdoses have risen rapidly, says Angus Deaton, the co-author of "Deaths of Despair."

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Hasnain says:

Great interview that touches on education, politics, society, and economics. And it opened my eyes to a new perspective that any new labor movement also needs to be concerned with putting healthcare costs under control.

“But the big story, which is what Anne and I write about in our book, is the incredible cost of healthcare coupled with the way it’s funded. One dollar in five in America goes to supporting this obscenely swollen industry. And then we’re financing most of it off less-educated workers. That premium per family is now over $20,000 a year. If you take that over a 2,000-hour work year, it’s $10 an hour that has to be met by the firm. And it either has to come out of profits or out of wages. And that destroys jobs.”

Posted on 2021-10-09T03:37:02+0000