Lousy Management, Knucklehead Hires Plague Operations of Real-Life Sopranos

Failure to stick with best business practices and a younger generation of bumbling suburban-bred mobsters kneecap a storied New York clan.

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Hasnain says:

Even the mob needs good management, like any large organization. And just like any old organization, they need to adapt to how millennials and the younger generations work. Though maybe they should skip out on demanding protection money via text.

“Mr. Curtis said the top-level micromanaging in the Colombo case reflected concerns about the incompetence of lower-level members.

A new generation of wiseguys didn’t properly learn the business, according to former government investigators. Older members complain that the millennials—who grew up in the suburbs instead of city streets—are softer, dumber and not as loyal as mobsters of the past. Plus, they’re always texting.”

Posted on 2021-10-09T03:19:44+0000