Hasnain says:

Really interesting read on white collar crime, the penal system, and a set of human interest stories about white collar criminals trying to whitewash their past crimes. Thankfully the author does a good job at not immediately biasing one way or the other.

“Not long after Whitney’s fall, the sociologist Edwin Sutherland devised the term “white-collar crime,” to describe wrongdoing committed “by a person of respectability and high social status in the course of his occupation.” Since then, each cycle of boom and bust has delivered new iterations of rapacious self-dealing, often indelibly linked to time or place, like schools of painting—the naked fraud of a Savings & Loan, the whimsical math of an Arthur Andersen. In 2001, following the accounting scandals at Enron and other companies, a publication called CFO Magazine quietly abandoned its annual Excellence Awards, because winners from each of the previous three years had gone to prison.”

Posted on 2021-10-01T07:01:52+0000