Binary Banshees and Digital Demons

The Committee says these things do not exist. The Committee says these things are invisible, not our business, and not something we can or should talk about.

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Hasnain says:

Well worded rant in ABI compatibility concerns in C++. I learnt a lot about the politics in the standardization process and a lot of technical minutiae at the same time.

“You cannot make me pay my blood for a contract with this insidious, ever-pervasive amalgamation, I was not even alive to bear witness to. I will not sit in every meeting and be endlessly bullied by implementations that do not know how to handle a problem they are the sole controller and proprietor for. It’s absolutely inane that even the most mundane of proposals can suddenly be ran through like a train wreck because the pinnacle of C++ and C experts cannot answer the question “how do I version something”. I will have a good standard library. It will meet my performance requirements. It will be correct. I do not care how many ghosts of the past there are. I do not care how many implementations exist where a person programming for longer than I have been alive made a sub-optimal choice one day and now we just have to live with that, for the rest of eternity. I will not be made to suffer someone else’s mistakes in perpetuity, while they also continue to make the same mistakes in egregiously flagrant fashions now and into the future.

I shouldn’t even be held back by my own mistakes from yesterday, what kind of world do we live in where we settle on a process so fundamentally against the human condition of learning and growing as an individual? Why would we prioritize a working process that at its deepest roots is so fundamentally against the living human being, and happier to dwell with the dead?”

Posted on 2021-09-24T06:32:00+0000