Revealed: Google illegally underpaid thousands of workers across dozens of countries

Documents show company dragged feet to correct disparity after learning it was failing to comply with local laws in UK, Europe and Asia

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Hasnain says:


"Though executives in Google’s xWS department were aware by May 2019 that the company was failing to comply with the law and underpaying workers, the company did not move quickly to correct the rates and provide back wages to those who were owed them.

Instead, it spent at least two years continuing to pay out-of-date rates while it debated internally how to come back into legal compliance without admitting what had happened, documents and emails show.

Leaders of the xWS team appeared keenly aware that admitting the problem would damage its reputation within Google by causing headaches for departments whose budgets would be effected, as well as with the staffing agencies that are liable for providing pay parity. They also expressed interest in preventing existing and former temp workers from knowing they had been underpaid, in order to prevent claims for back pay."

Posted on 2021-09-10T22:34:37+0000