Bosses turn to ‘tattleware’ to keep tabs on employees working from home

The pandemic prompted a surge in the use of workplace surveillance programs – and they’re not going away any time soon

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Hasnain says:

Uh.. this sounds like a horrible abuse of privacy and also counter productive. If you don’t trust your employees, that’s a much bigger problem that won’t be solved by tools like this.

“Every minute or so, the program would capture a live photo of David and his workmates via their company laptop webcams. The ever-changing headshots were splayed across the wall of a digital conference waiting room that everyone on the team could see. Clicking on a colleague’s face would unilaterally pull them into a video call. If you were lucky enough to catch someone goofing off or picking their nose, you could forward the offending image to a team chat via Sneek’s integration with the messaging platform Slack.

According to the Sneek co-founder Del Currie, the software is meant to replicate the office. “We know lots of people will find it an invasion of privacy, we 100% get that, and it’s not the solution for those folks,” Currie says. “But there’s also lots of teams out there who are good friends and want to stay connected when they’re working together.””

Posted on 2021-09-05T23:05:20+0000