Rethink What You “Know” About High-Achieving Women

A survey of Harvard Business School graduates sheds new light on what happens to women—and men—after business school.

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Hasnain says:

This is a very well written and thought out piece. Lots of data, and the authors spend a lot of time contextualizing it. It certainly helped reveal some of my own blind spots on these topics.

“We surveyed more than 25,000 HBS graduates altogether; in this article we focus on MBAs, by far the largest proportion. Because we are primarily interested in the experiences of those who are still in the workplace, we report on Baby Boomers (ages 49–67), Generation X (ages 32–48), and Millennials (ages 26–31), also known as Generation Y. What our survey revealed suggests that the conventional wisdom about women’s careers doesn’t always square with reality.”

Posted on 2021-08-23T16:42:34+0000